Tony Mitton

Poet & Children's Writer

Amazing Machines

AM_AAeroplanes AM_BBoats AM_CCars AM_Ddiggers AM_FFireEngines AM_R Rockets AM_TTractors AM_TTrains AM_TTrucks M_SSubmarines AM_CCars_CD AM_FFireengines_CD AM_Jigsaw AA_AmazingCompilation

The Amazing Machines Series (Kingfisher) is made up of 10 books, which have been illustrated by Ant Parker. This is an information series about vehicles, written in verse with jolly animal characters. The animal characters make the books more fun.

 The books themselves have been re-released in larger format with CD readings of the text. They are also available as a set of miniature hardbacks contained in a cardboard presentation truck. A jigsaw book is made up from a set of extracts. The first four books were available in a cardboard package containing small plastic toys of some of the vehicles.

US versions of these books are available in America (with slightly different texts).

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