Tony Mitton

Poet & Children's Writer

Flip - Flap Books

These books have half-page flaps that turn to alter the middle portion of each picture spread. Each is written in a rhyming verse, with the second part of the rhyme being delivered with the turn of the flap.

Goldilocks Little RedRidingHood SpookyHaHa WhatstheTime Wheresmyegg

Hen has lost her egg. Where could it be? Lift the flaps and see if you can help her find it!

You may think your mum is normal, but imagine if she was really a witch. How could you tell? The pointy hat might be a giveaway. There are no such things as witches, vampires, ghosts or monsters, are there?

Intended as a fun way to introduce children to the concept of time, this is a book based on a favourite playground game. Flip-the-flaps for the answer and to see what Mr Wolf is up to, but watch out when dinner time comes around!

Little Red Riding Hood is going to see her gran. But big bad greedy Wolf will catch her if he can!

One day as Goldilocks explores, she snoops around and sees … a house that’s almost hidden by the bushes and the trees. (And for the bears who live there, trouble comes in threes!)