Tony Mitton

Poet & Children's Writer

I planted a seed

I planted a seed in the rich, dark earth.


Sing of the soil, the rain and the sun.



What could a seed so small be worth?


Sleep in your bed when the day is done.



The rain came down and the seasons turned.


Sing of the soil, the sun and the rain.



The cold wind blew and the hot sun burned.


Rise with the dawn from your bed again.



I watched it grow from a shoot to a tree.


Sing of the sun, the rain and the soil.



I wondered at Nature’s mystery.


Growth is a slow and steady toil.



The fruit it ripened and fell from the tree.


Life is a wonder to savour and see.



Sing of the soil, the rain and the sun.


The wheel’s full circle. My song is done.



And yet once over the song has begun.