Tony Mitton

Poet & Children's Writer

GoodnightMeGoodnightYou onceuponatide

'Goodnight moon and glimmering stars. Goodnight swish of passing cars.' Children will love to join in with the characters as they say goodnight to the familiar things in their environment.

                      Over the ocean

                      Bess and I

                      sailed to the place

                      where sea meets sky.


"A beautifully told seaside adventure" Guardian

"Reads aloud like a dream" Books for Keeps

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Verse Picture Books

Christmas Wishes Averycuriousbear

One morning, Little Bear is filled with wonder... and questions! Why does the sun come and light the day? Why does the wind rush around in the air? Why does the stream seem to gurgle and babble? Luckily, Big Bear has all the answers in this lyrical picture book for curious children.

Young children will love to join in the excitement of waiting for Santa to visit on Christmas Eve, as seen through the eyes of two little mice. Cosy and festive images abound in this clever re-write of a Christmas classic.



Future palaeontologists will love discovering the dinosaurs in these fun-filled picture books. Each spread features a short rhyming poem in which a different dinosaur introduces itself. Mixing humour with information, these poems include details about where each dinosaur lived, what it ate and how it got around. Lynne Chapman's amusing and colourful illustrations all feature a lift-the-flap surprise, enhancing the fun!

Jungle Jive Rumble-Roar-Cover SirLaughalot

Sir Laughalot is a knight who isn’t afraid of a challenge. He’s quite prepared to go out into the world to face any fearsome opponent. However, Sir Laughalot has a very different, yet effective way of dealing with his foes, and one that isn’t strictly in keeping with his ‘tough knight in armour’ look...

A hugely exciting, hilarious tale of a brave knight, an enormous dragon and a damsel in distress makes this an absolute gem of a picture book.


An adorable little creature hatches from an egg and goes searching for his mother among the dinosaurs in this energetic, fun-filled picture book by award-winning picture book creators Tony Mitton and Russell Ayto. A unique take on the 'Where's My Mummy' scenario in which an egg crackles open and out steps a little creature - the Somethingosaur. He searches for his mum among the dinosaurs but she's nowhere to be found. But is the Somethingosaur really a dinosaur...or something even more exciting? And will he ever find his family and home? A warm, funny and jaunty rhyming text ,full of adventure, that's great to read aloud.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 19.14.18

Here is a bear who has nowhere to go.

So he’s plodding along through the cold winter snow.


In the icy-cold heart of winter, a small snow bear wanders through the landscape searching for a home. But where can he go? Each warm place has been claimed and there is no room for a bear, no matter how small.


A timeless story of a bear and a girl both looking for something and finding each other.

Guaranteed to melt hearts everywhere.


These are a range of other verse picture books, illustrated by various talented illustrators.

Snow penguinFront AchristmascarolFront

A captivating picture book retelling of Charles Dickens’ classic tale about the true meaning of Christmas.


Mean old Ebenezer Scrooge hates everything. Even Christmas! Until, one frosty Christmas Eve, Scrooge receives a visit from three ghostly spirits, who whisk him away on a magical journey through past, present and future … but can they melt his frozen heart before it’s too late?


Introduce even the youngest of children to this timeless story and share in the true spirit of Christmas, with this magical picture book retelling by Tony Mitton – combining an accessible, rhyming text with evocative illustrations.


In the frozen Antarctic, one curious little penguin decides to explore the ice and the snow and the sea. On his travels he sees two blue whales, a family of sea lions and a whole school of orca, but soon Penguin starts to miss his own family. Sometimes coming home is the best adventure of all.


Told in rhyming couplets, this feel-good book is perfect for bedtimes and cuddle-up times. From bestselling author Tony Mitton, and beautifully illustrated by Alison Brown.

Snow GHost

Snow Ghost came whispering out of the air,

"Oh, for a home to be happy - but where?"


Flying through the swirling, snow-filled skies, Snow Ghost searches for a place to call home, swooping gracefully over the whirling traffic of town, winding her way through the dense, tangled wood and to the top of the blustery hill. Then on the quiet calm of the moors, she sees a girl and a boy playing. She breathes magic and sparkle into their play until it's time for them to stumble back home to bed. And while shimmers of moonlight cast their glittering light, Snow Ghost curls herself round the roof of the farmhouse. She has found her happy home at last.


A timeless story of hope and belonging, perfect for sharing with loved ones this winter.