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The Amazing Machines Series consists of twelve books about a range of vehicles, written in verse and illustrated by Ant Parker.

A series linked to the Amazing Machines series, also illustrated by Ant Parker with familiar characters from the Amazing Machines books.

These  books contain playful verse texts draped across wonderful illustrations by Guy Parker-Rees.

Ten familiar tales retold in humorous rap verse and illustrated by Martin Chatterton.

Humorous verse retellings of the Arthurian legends in mock-heroic ballad and illustrated by Arthur Robins

These five popular books have half-page flaps that turn to alter the middle portion of each picture spread. The texts are in rhyming verse.

A selection of poetry books full of my poems and rhymes.

Many of my poems feature in anthologies (collections of poems by many different poets).

A selection of my books that have appeared in a range of primary reading schemes.

My books sell all over the world and have been translated into several different languages.

with Guy Parker-Rees

Verse Picture Books


These verse picture books have been illustrated by various artists.

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