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By tonymitton, Jun 22 2020 11:45AM

Hi there. Just a few notes about recent and latest books.

1. The Amazing Machines series : Two new titles are in progress. Coming out first in America, I think, but maybe following on in UK too. One is on Robots, the other is on Cranes (the mechanical kind). Two more titles will follow also in due course. The series is now very popular in America, more so than in UK by the sound of things. Recent titles on Ambulances, Police Cars, Motorcycles and Helicopters are all up and running now, both hardback and paperback. Once the latest 4 titles are in place the series will be up to 18 titles altogether, I think. The first book came out in 1997, so the series is over 20 years old and still going strong. Along with my Guy Parker-Rees books for Orchard/Hachette (titles such as Bumpus, Jumpus, Dinosaurumpus / Down by the Cool of the Pool and others), these are certainly my most commercial ventures in publishing in terms of sales and longevity. They owe a lot to the witty and ingenious illustrations created by Ant Parker who is jointly responsible for the evolvement of the series.

2. My novel Potter's Boy (published in USA as The Potter's Boy) has for a while been out in paperback in UK, in a very good looking version, though not as visually impressive as the hardback original.

3. My picture book Snow Ghost (illustrated by Diana Mayo) will be released on 1st October 2020 as a significant part of their Autumn list for Christmas. A senior editor told me that it was to be their lead picture book title on that list, but I can't officially confirm that here. Still, bodes well, I think.

That's about it on the publishing front from me for now. I get the impression that DFB don't want to publish my 2nd novel. It doesn't work for them. I may discuss with my agent something she said about helping me to put it out on a digital platform. It's a book I wanted to write. And I did so. So, for personal purposes, it's done it's job for me. It would be nice for it to find some amenable readers though.

Best wishes to you all in this 12th week of Lockdown in UK, Tony

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