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By tonymitton, Aug 3 2019 02:29PM

Hi there. Just checking in to leave a bit of news. I finished a full version of my 2nd novel recently. David Fickling of DFB is looking at it and we're going to talk soon. David published my first novel Potter's Boy back in 2017 and it got onto the Branford Boase shortlist. Classed as a Young Adult / Adult book by category, though for me it was simply a 'novel', one I wanted to write and which came out in the way it did. This 2nd novel (title not declared yet) is to my view an adult novel, though probably very readable to young adults, depending on how you categorise them. Again it's simply a book I wanted to write. I don't consider myself a novelist by definition, more a poet really. But both of these books were books I wanted, perhaps needed, to write, so I shall be glad if this new one is somehow publishable, if not by DFB then by someone else. If it comes to it I'll self-publish and distribute it myself in a modest way.

I am still waiting for my first picture book with Diana Mayo to come through from Bloomsbury. As an illustrator her work is meticulous, which may account for the long wait for it to be finished. Meanwhile I've written another text for her to follow with, though that's still under review. At this rate I doubt I'll live to see it published. Posthumously perhaps?

I think it's this Christmas that my verse retelling of A Christmas Carol illustrated by Mike Redman will go into paperback with Orchard / Hachette. I've nothing further in the pipeline with them.

I think that's about it on the publishing front. Now that my 2nd novel is written in good first draft I mean to get back to several piles of unpublished poems written over the last decade, on and off, to see if there might be a viable collection in there for me to put together. That's my next proper writing task over the summer. Here's to it.

Much of my backlist is still in print, which is good. And still lending from libraries too.

The Halle Orchestra in Manchester, along with their educational director Steve Pickett, have been performing a version of my picture book Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus with great success at their family concerts. They are about to add a new number to their repertoire : Alien Tea on Planet Zum Zee. Steve has written the musical score to that, plus a script surrounding the verse text. It sounds good on the pdf audio I listened to on my laptop recently. They give me top quality musical interpretation, which is very encouraging to me as an author. It feels like the work is being taken seriously, though not too seriously of course as the content is quite light in tone and feel. But they're on to that of course.

All from here for now on this sunny Saturday in Cambridge. Best wishes, Tony Mitton

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