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Potter's Boy

By tonymitton, Nov 25 2017 11:16AM

I was just nearing the end of a long, thoughtful, informative post on the recent publication of Potter's Boy, my first novel, when the screen froze and refused to co-operate. In trying to refresh the screen I lost the whole darn thing. In future I shall write long blogs in microsoft and then paste them in when they're complete. So much for writing direct blogs into the posting window, unsaved.

I haven't the heart to try to repeat what I wrote first time around. Maybe another day now.

But it's out. Potter's Boy. A novel. Not a book for young children, as so many of mine are. Just a novel. Could be read by 'young adults' if you want to make those kinds of categorisations. But just read it as an adult novel. It's a narrative, but quite a serious, thoughtful book with what you might call philosophical passages and exchanges.

Do go see. There's much in it of Buddhism, Zen, Mindfulness and the arts and cultures of Japan and China. Oh, and martial arts too, I should add, for those who lean that way.

Also Snow Penguin, my follow-up verse picture book to Snow Bear, is out too. A different kettle of fish to Potter's Boy, though they both follow a picaresque trajectory, now I come to think of it. Do I always write the same story, in essence? Maybe.....

All for now, lest this too be lost, Tony (Cambridge, Saturday morning)

Jan 22 2018 11:57AM by Helen Bate

Have just read Potters Boy before passing it on to my Scottish grandson, aged just 10 and an avid reader. I thought it was a wonderful book particularly for young people growing up in a difficult world. I was so hoping he would enjoy it and get something really positive from it, and the verdict came back today. He read it immediately, and he "really enjoyed it" which coming from him as a prolific, discerning and difficult to impress young reader, is glowing praise! I now intend to buy it for my 10 year old Canadian grandson. Thank you.

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