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By tonymitton, Jan 20 2017 01:18PM

My very good web designer, Kate MacRae, has redesigned my website at my request. I hope you like the result. I'm very pleased with how it looks myself. I told her what I thought I wanted for the site and then passed the ball to her. As ever, she's given me what I thought I wanted. An added feature is that it should now be more compatible with phones, tablets and other devices apart from standard computers and laptops. The original site was designed for computers and laptops. Since then many (or even most) people are using phones and tablets to access sites like this, so it's important that a site like mine should accommodate that.

Apart from that, several years had elapsed since my site went up and I had already begun to think it was time for an update. The new site co-incides with my 66th birthday, approximately, and reflects my current situation as both a writer and a person in the world.

My life is simpler than it used to be in that I do very little travelling and performing now. Age, health and energy factors suggest to me that most of my working time be spent at home, and focused on my writing itself.

I hope this means I'll find the time to do these news entries a bit more frequently than formerly. Whether I can honour that remains to be seen ..... ;)

For now, however, welcome to the new look site. I'm about to put a further entry up about work in progress this year.

Bye for now, Tony

By guest, Dec 26 2016 08:45PM

This is the first post in My News Section. Here, I will attempt to keep you up to date with new publications and up-coming titles.

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