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These books are all collections of my poems.

Door to secrets Fluff Iwanttostampandshout Myhatandall that Pip Red&WhiteSpottedHankerchief RiggledyPiggledy Seal hunter StoryTellersSecret Tale of Tales 2 Tale of Tales1

Ranging from the haunting to the hilarious, this was my first collection of children's poetry, illustrated by artist Peter Bailey.

A Door to Secrets contains humorous riddles of varying levels of difficulty. Every illustration features the adventurous Watt.

A revived version of this legend rewritten especially for today's children.

Full to the brim with poems of adventure, magic, fun and discovery, this marvellous collection is a real bundle of delights.

A collection of poems to help young children deal with anger. Suitable for use in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, the poems in this work also make a starting point for discussion about feelings and behaviour.

Pip is a delicious  collection of poems written specially for younger children. This anthology includes poems that range from funny to gentle-some are filled with adventure, others look at everyday things.

This collection of  new poems  is all inspired by the objects found in a pocket! Just when might that piece of string come in useful? And how much longer will the pencil stub last? No one else can have the lovely shiny button, which is wrapped up in Fluff at the bottom of a pocket.

"The Tale of Tales" is the story of a group of animals who are on a journey. Each animal in turn tells a story to the rest of the group (a bit like in "The Canterbury Tales") as they travel on their way. Join Monkey, Elephant and friends on their journey to Volcano Valley to hear the greatest story of all, the "Tale of Tales".


'There's a magical quality about Tony Mitton's great tribute to the special qualities of storytelling' Guardian

'There are shades of Kipling and Chaucer in this book...The tales are perfectly complemented by Peter Bailey's wondefully varied black and white illustrations' The Bookseller

'Rhythm and rhyme make this book a delight to read aloud while Peter Bailey's bold and beautiful illustrations add to its timeless appeal' Child Education



Riddledy Piggledy is a very special nursery rhyme book that young children (and their parents) will love.  A selection of well-known nursery rhymes (with the help of Mother Goose), and within each one is a riddle containing clues so that the reader can guess which rhyme is coming next. Every rhyme and riddle is beautifully illustrated by Paddy Mounter.

'In my pocket, feeling round, what can this be that I've found? Pull it out to see and - oooh! Look: a poem just for you. '

This book contains thirty poems and witty rhymes for listeners and readers alike.

When twins Toby and Tess meet a mysterious old traveller, they're fascinated by his magical tales of far-off places, strange enchantments and unbelievable miracles. Each time he visits the village he brings them a new tale and a special story-reminder from the bundle that he carries on his back. Most intriguing of all is the Map of Marvels, which shimmers and shifts and invites the children to make incredible journeys of their own.


Future palaeontologists will love discovering the dinosaurs in these fun-filled picture books. Each spread features a short rhyming poem in which a different dinosaur introduces itself. Mixing humour with information, these poems include details about where each dinosaur lived, what it ate and how it got around. Lynne Chapman's amusing and colourful illustrations all feature a lift-the-flap surprise, enhancing the fun!

Plum_new1 Rumble-Roar-Cover come-into-this-poem

I saw the ghost horse through the trees on a late midsummer night. It cropped the grass in a forest glade by a full moon's milky light. What is the mysterious ghost horse doing in the woods? Who is the spy who wrote with the blood of a poisonous toad? Then discover the Cold Comfort Pets - including the pet germ, and the Itchy Titchy Pet - a frisky flea, or make the biggest sandwich you could ever imagine. From spooky legends to dreamy poems, teasers and laugh-out-loud rhymes, expect the unexpected from Tony Mitton. This collection is a poetry adventure waiting to happen. . .

Bugclub Bumblebees

Schools across the UK are catching the Bug, and now so can kids at home! Bug Club is one of the best-loved reading programmes in primary schools and kids just love reaching for the bookshelves to find their favourite Bug Club book.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 14.48.44

Out of the lands in the chill, far north

come legends from long ago.

This is the story of Wayland Smith,

the strangest of all I know.


This beautifully told tale reinvents the northern legend of Wayland the blacksmith, whose craft and skill spread his fame far and wide. But Wayland's talents bring him nothing but pain. Following the loss of his swan-bride and his enslavement by a greedy king, Wayland has to rely on hope, courage and cunning to get by.