Tony Mitton

Poet & Children's Writer

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Modern re-tellings - in popular rap rhyme of well-known stories from Greek mythology.

'Open this book, inside you'll see

a mean old troll and billy goats three,

a giant, three pigs, a smart little girl

and a big bad wolf with his head in a whirl.

So open this book and catch its drift,

'cos the Big Bad Raps oughta give you a lift. '

These award-winning books bring familiar stories to life .These are hilarious retellings of a range of stories, combined with funny black and white cartoon illustrations by Martin Chatterton.

Rap Rhymes Series

This book's about a brilliant boff

whose brain is going slightly off.

You'll also meet a phantom hound

who makes a fearsome howling sound.

It's full of scary mystery,

so check it out – just read and see!

Open this book, inside you'll meet

a fairy godmother, kind and sweet,

a kitchen maid in a fancy dress

and a frog who marries a royal princess.

So buy this book and read it through,

'cos the Royal Raps are meant for you!

Robin Hood Raps are brave and good.

They're cool and green 'cos they come from the wood.

They shoot at the Sheriff. They laugh at the law.

But they're kind to the weak and the old and the poor.

So string your bow and take a shot.

These Robin Hood Raps will hit the spot!

Fangtasic Raps are full of bite.

They'll fill you up with dark delight.

There's a vampire here and a werewolf beast.

They think you'll make a tasty feast.

So buy this book – you'll find it's fun.

But when you've read it, run dude, run!

Monster raps are big and strong.

They huff and puff and stomp along.

There's Frankenstein and the Mummy too,

and both of them are after you.

So buy this book, cough the cash,

then find the door and make a dash!