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First Post Now

Hello there. This is Tony Mitton, making my first blog post on this new version of my website. Kate MacRae, my wonderful web designer, created this website on Wix, bringing it over from our previous platform on Moonfruit. The main reason for moving to Wix was that we wanted to make my author website more compatible with devices other than just desktop and laptop computers : smartphones, tablets and such like. Kate said she'd find it easier to do that on Wix, so here we are.

I'll blog here whenever I have news to announce about books of mine coming out or other news to do with my writing as a poet and children's writer. I may sometimes comment about other things too, though mostly to do with writing in general or my own particular writing.

My most recent full scale verse picture book was Snow Ghost which came out last Autumn in 2020. It was beautifully produced by Bloomsbury, doing justice to the lovely illustrations created by Diana Mayo. As a result I have a further picture book coming through with Bloomsbury who are currently getting a potential illustrator to submit sample art work.

I also have a verse picture book in the late stages of development with Hachette Children's Books. I hope that will come through fairly soon into production though nothing on that is for sure, as yet.

There are 4 new titles coming through on my (and Ant Parker's) Amazing Machines series. Those should bring the series up to about 20 titles. Watch this space for more on Cranes, Bulldozers, Robots and Green Machines.

Meanwhile I'm preparing to donate (if they'll have it) the 2nd part of my Archive to Seven Stories in Newcastle. They already have the earlier part, but space can be limited so they may need to be clear they have enough in order to take on this second wave.

That's all for now. But I'll be back here when I've more book news and I may also paste in the occasional poem, some previously unpublished.

Very best, Tony Mitton (Cambridge, 18th May 2021)


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